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Givetvis är detta inte ett board game utan ett, just det: bard game. Så här skriver What the Dickens? där jag hittade spelet – som jag genast önskar att jag hade – om det:

Shakespeare ~ The Bard Game

The scene is the early 1600’s. Each player in the game takes on the role of one of the great Elizabethan theatre entrepreneurs, whose aim is to put on plays that will pack the house. In particular the chase is on to acquire scripts from the greatest living playwright of the time, Will Shakespeare. To stage these extraordinary dramas, you will need to form a company of actors, acquire all the props that the play requires, find a patron, and last but not least, acquire large sums of money to enable these productions to go ahead. Along the way, there is many a pitfall to waylay you…

Triumphantly combines the fun of a family game with a journey through the world of the world’s greatest playwright. Playable over and over again, it is truly a game for all seasons.

Ages 12+, 60 mins, 2-5 Players

Finns bl a hos The English Bookshop.